Stutterheim Round Table 103 was founded in 1964. It was sponsored by Cathcart 75. The first Chairman of Stutt 103 was Dennis Haller. He was followed by Trevor Collett and George James. Some of the other founder members were Noel Holder, Johnny Watermeyer, John Bishop, Brian Walker, Peter Brunette, Dave Marshall and Noel Geach. These numbers were added to in the next few years by Clive Goetsch, Brian Denyer, Byron King, Peter Muzzell, Piet Brink and Dave McMaster among others.

In the early days Round Table 103 did not have its own clubhouse and met at various venues around town. Then in the early 1980’s they moved to where the current clubhouse underneath the Roly Coombes tennis shack is. In the meantime Round Tabler Brian Walker had made a polished wooden, detachable round table for members to sit around at meetings. This table is the envy of many other Round Tables.

In the early days the Stutterheim Round Tablers used to run Car Gymkhanas on the old “Skuldbuld” rugby field as well as air shows at the Stutterheim airfield behind Mlungisi. Another project which proved to be the Stutterheim “social event” of the year was the annual 103 Dinner Dance. Originally the first prize was a motor vehicle!! At these 103 Dinner Dances the Round Tablers and their wives always performed two or three ‘skits’ for the audience. Maybe these were the forerunners of what has become Melodrama today which is performed biennially by the 41’ers and Tablers of 103.

But probably 103’s longest lasting legacy is the “What’s New” – a local newspaper which comes out twice a month. This was started in 1972 and is still running today. It is ARTSA’s longest running project!

Round Tablers have also always been an integral part of carnivals in the town – whether they were German Festivals, 125th & 150th celebrations – didn’t matter, Round Table 103 was there. Stutterheim Round Table 103 has contributed towards the running of ARTSA and the Border Area. They have produced no less than five Area Chairmen namely George James, Doc Casely, Taki Kyriacos, Adrian Cole and now Tyron Schwartz. Over and above this Brian Denyer was a Zone Chairman, Doc Casely, Eric Wylde and Dennis Haller were all secretaries for National Council and Taki Kyriacos also served on that body.

At present Stutterheim Round Table 103 is going strong. It is one of the strongest Tables in the Border area if not nationally. One of the objectives of this Table is to provide charity to the local Stutterheim community – long may it continue to do so!!

Brian Lanz

In putting together this brief history the following were interviewed: Eric Wylde (41’er), Byron King (oldest 41’er), Blanche James (wife of George) and Haneen Denyer (wife of Brian).

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